Nick:Wiktorus Pro Dodano:2007-05-16 (17:04:17) Wpis:
Nick:rog1234 Dodano:2007-05-16 (10:06:04) Wpis:RELEASED at LEVELS4You
Nick:AjoPajo Dodano:2007-03-08 (21:18:30) Wpis:when?
Nick:Freak'er Dodano:2006-08-14 (14:43:05) Wpis:Nice mode :ok:
Nick:NarCiuss Dodano:2006-07-28 (09:54:51) Wpis:Well, its been awhile for an update on moddb. Are you guys still there? I really cant wait any longer for this mod!!!!1111one RELEASE IT ALREADY
Nick:RockmaN Dodano:2006-07-18 (17:15:38) Wpis:Very impressive, i love GunKatas but HoM was a total discreas (dont know how to spell) to GunKatas but after watching EQGK trailer, it looked som much better than HoM hope you made it to ''complete''
Nick:anis0 Dodano:2006-07-04 (00:55:24) Url: Wpis:Great site!
Nick:Fletcher Dodano:2006-05-05 (17:52:55) Wpis:Good game on declaring this, i dont want to sound like a jerk, but EQ was always better then HOM, HOM had the models and the support..but eq has the moves and the skills. good luck hope you release it asap.
Nick:räven Dodano:2006-05-01 (14:06:28) Wpis:where ?
Nick:GDIViperM Dodano:2006-04-29 (15:46:17) Wpis:Nice mod! But there's a Equilibrium Mod for Max Payne 2 too

the Beta can be downloaded!
Nick:Mrówa Dodano:2006-04-23 (17:02:33) Wpis:moze byc ciekawie...powodzenia zycze.
Nick:Spider Dodano:2006-04-20 (20:55:06) Wpis:Nice mod :) :D