Nick:KallePMA Dodano:2005-12-29 01:42:39 Url:Thumbs Up & Boots Down Wpis:Thumbs Up & Boots Down # 2 is out now!

Check the flyer and give me a email if you´re interested in a copy!

Here is a song from the Commitment Crew demo:
Nick:dan Dodano:2005-12-24 13:08:41 Wpis: is update!
Nick:SAHA Dodano:2005-12-09 13:40:20 Wpis:HI...
SAHA here from Embrace records.
I am looking for a band to be on Embrace records first official release.
Embrace records are interested to work with HC/Punk bands (and all its subgenres music style; old- school, emo, metalcore etc).
We planned to have the first release ready on January-February 2006. We will release them on CD format.
If you're interested in working with us, please get in touch!
take care,
p/s do not email to embrace records in yahoo mail, thanks!
Nick:Borys Dodano:2005-11-08 20:09:21 Wpis:milo widziec, ze Refuse Records ciagle w formie,
naprawde podziwiam zapal i wytrwalosc! pozdro

Nick:raymond Dodano:2005-10-24 09:37:38 Wpis:hello there.
hi, im raymond of DOUBLETHINK!!! zine from philippines. im looking for a sxe band for a possible interview for the third issue of my zine,and im also looking for HC/SXE scene report... i think this site will help me alot... thanx to robert for making this thing, its very helpful in the scene... so fyouare interested just contact, dontyou worry im a super friendly guy and i dont bite..... thanx and keep the faith,if you have timejust email me and lets do something possitive.... communication is the key..
Nick:andrzej Dodano:2005-10-06 12:51:43 Wpis:podobno analena ma zagrac w polsce...wraz z dickiem cheneyem...gdzies jeszcze zagraja???
Nick:Bora Dodano:2005-08-30 21:51:47 Wpis:Hey Robert. This is bora from Turkey.
I want to say that please think about Turkey for band tours over europe. we'll really glad to see discarga and i shot cyrus.
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